A homebrew version of Flappy Bird for Game Boy Advance.
Port by @jayvanhutten, original game by .GEARS Studios

Download ROM file

flappybird.zip (99 kB)


Don't we all hate Flappy Bird? Hasn't this game been ported to every possible platform already? The answer was no, and I figured someone had to do it. I wanted to make it as close to the original as possible and therefore the game is played in portrait mode. Sorry emulator users! If you flash the game to a cartridge, set the save type to SRAM and save size to 64 kbit.

Written in C, compiled with DevKitARM.



  • Use the right button on the d-pad to flap
  • For a soft reset, press A + B + START + SELECT
  • Hold SELECT when booting to delete your save data


Version History

Version 1.0 December 29, 2014

  • Initial release